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Helping you negotiate success, one contract at a time.

Small Business? No problem

Are you a  small business owner wondering where to start with your small  business loan?  

Look no further, The contract doctor is able to help guide you to the best solution for you and your business. 


Bringing you the best in contract consulting, Mr. Gardner has decades of experience in contract consulting and negotiations.

Let Paul help you protect your interests in your business and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.  From the planning stage to the execution stage, of any project or document-intensive venture; Paul is the top choice for business guidance and helping you reach your goals!

Develop your knowledge!

Polish your knowledge!

Learn the insider tips!

Treat your company like a business; and not like a side hustle!

Professional development is critical in ALL industries!

Keep yourself, or staff up to date with a session from Paul.

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Book Paul!  Professors, Administrators and Groups

Motivate and educate your group with a session from Paul!

As of April 2019, Paul is now booking for speaking and consulting engagements across Maryland, DC and Virginia; and beyond.  

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